Pricing Information


Cremation or Immediate burial?    

We are a basic no frills cremation transfer service.

We do the hard part, that is remove the body from place of death, hold the body at our facility until the documents are signed, then transport to the crematorium. Once the cremation has taken place, we return the ashes to the family along with 10 proof of death certificates for business needs.

As a licenced Transfer Service under the The Bereavement Association of Ontario, we are only allowed to transport a body to the crematorium or cemetery for immediate cremation of burial. We cannot be part of visitation or a service and we cannot display a body.

Newspaper notices, radio announcements, completion of CPP forms, GST and OHIP cancellation letters and final burial are your responsibility. 

Payment is due upon signing the contract .

You may make your arrangements at 23 Seventh St. Collingwood, by appointment, or if you prefer we can do the arrangements in the convenience of your own home, or over e-mail.

Payment may be made by cash or cheque.

Total cremation package fee is $1799.00 

This price includes the advertised service fee price of $830.66, the cremation container $195.00, the coroner’s signature $75.00, (required by law) and the suggested crematorium fee $565 (As of Nov. 1,2019) (Innisvale Cemetery & Crematorium). $133.34 in HST is included.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at    (705) 446-0197